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God Hates A Coward - text


I'll sow my seeds whith a metric grosse
No footsteps go beyond it
I'll eat the dirt
Where the rooster crows
Fresh rodeos, behold it
Check your pulse in your teardrops
Make you a cyclops
Breakin' the branches off your family tree
Did you act like a floofa
Don't you think I've had enough
Without looking at the filth of my ability
Your truly cause repeats its pulse
And makes your tears, if you needed too
Make me blow out my brain or I'll point it at you
While im thinking of you
But I'm hangin' tough!
Day, by, day, by, day, by, day, by
Day, by, day, by, day, by, day, by
Listen closer to your mother
You can hear an ocean roar
Sittin' quiet in the corner
Put another record on
God hates a coward, sonny
Got a date with your VCR
Watch another action movie
Dream of me
On the only piano
Wrote the fuckin' concerto
Shoot pool with your eyeballs, rack 'em up
Make a meal of your asshole
Gnaw on your fat soul
Dipping your heart in my vinegar
Like a million disappeared
Just how long did you think they would live
Prepare yourself, coming to defend
And if you ever want to be (?)
Coming to kill, I'll never finish my plate
Or I'll burn it up
Day, by, day, by, day, by, day, by
Day, by, day, by, day, by, day, by

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