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Midnight In The City Of Destruction - text


There's an old green shed at the end of an overgrown driveway

And years ago that shed collapsed and fell

Years before that there was a withered dog chained up there

I saved him, maybe he saved me as well

Now he's gone and I think I've come undone

And it's midnight in the city of destruction

There's music in the air and sweet abandon

They're singin' cross the farm in the evening breeze

But there's someone in the rows who's unwanted

And now they've cut the faithful from the trees

And the bulldozers move in one by one

It's midnight in the city of destruction

I lost my guitar, my home, my hope and my good fortune

I lost my grandfather, two neighbors and my friend

I pray that God himself will come and drown the president

If the levees break again

Now we're standin' at the crossroads waitin' for instruction

And it's midnight in the city of destruction

There's a secret prison somewhere south of 60

And in that secret prison there's a secret cell

And the prisoner's bound and burned, blinded and beaten

Still that secret prisoner keeps his secret well

Turn out the lights 'cause for one night that's enough, son

It's midnight in the city of destruction

Text přidala Lottings

Videa přidali Louis16, Lottings

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