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Warrior of light
Warrior of light - look into your heart tell me what do you see
Warrior of light
Warrior of light - righteousness, compassion and heart of gold

Warrior of light
Warrior of light - purity of soul Universe on your side
Warrior of light
Warrior of light - you were born to serve and protect and to help

Now you know what you've been waiting for
All your life and not it's in your hands my dear
You must choose which path you will take from now
Don't get lost to the desert of mind
Times are changing so fast these days
End of time, some say, but I will tell you know
There is hope if we let light guide our paths
This may be our chance to change

You have fear, you have guilt, you have hatred
This can lead you to the darkness
So you must be careful now

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Saana - Warrior Of Light, Part I

Timo Tolkki texty

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