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So you came right on time
You know that number seven is divine?

I am confused, I am afraid
I don't know what I should be thinking

Gently my dear, there's no reason to be scared
Look into my eyes and you will see the truth

Your eyes are strange, deep ocean blue
Yet full of wisdom, peace and confidence

I have come to lead you to a place where you will meet your destiny

You read my thoughts, you know my name and all my life
I don't understand what is happening to me

You must come, we'll take a trip to crystal island where she is awaiting
She'll tell you why
She'll tell you how
She has the answers to your questions
The reason why you're here
The reason you were born
The reason for your pain, soon you will understand
Take my hand

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Saana - Warrior Of Light, Part I

Timo Tolkki texty

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