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Illusions running down my throat
Your eyes get lost in the thick white smoke
I blow into your face
...Why are you so afraid?
We're all standing into a meaningless eternity...
Tell me why can't you see right through me?
Why can't you see that I am only an illusion?
...Aren't you scared that you'll lose yourself in me?
Aren't you worried... That I'll lose my dreams in you?
'Cause darling we are all living a lie
We've risen above the depths of our love
And now there is nothing to hide our real world behind
We can deceive ourselves no more...
When will the hourglass break?
Do I have to tear our your bleeding heart
From deep inside your soul
For you to let me in?
...Lying ourselves into a meaningless eternity
Tell me...
We've risen above the depths of our love
Can we accept illusions are all that we have?
Is there a truth worthy enough?
Is it really worth waking up?
Indulging in lies... Reality might just tear us apart?

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