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Involuntarily silent I fade into you.
My voice goes unheard, near you I am mute.
I know there's a way to make it through this,
then my silence is worth, silence worth a wish.
I wanted to have a look on the inside,
to see if it's safe, if only for a while.
Any time at day this feeling might come,
any time at night it might be gone again.
Staring off into space, speaking words in random.
I sing, I cry, I spy, I lie, I grow, I shrink, I soar, I sink.
Facedown in the spiral of shame,
weak and melting, tension's building all around.
A deceiving secrecy encircles and frightens me.
An eye for an eye never made so blind.
A stake for a spine and find the fear where love is lust.
I reach out and seize to bury it back into me.
Streaming through the colour of you.
A cripple love is taking life.
We fought in vain to shelter our souls,
but failed to jump over our own shadow.

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