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Winner / Loser - text


There are powers in this world
People seem to be in control of it all
Spreading madness like disease
Damping, the flames of freedoms call
You can't stop what's inevitable
A thirst for power is a deadly game
Crushing whatever gets, in their way
They're using you they're using me

Contracts and principles
All play a part in the winner's game
Roll the dice with your life it comes so cheap
Oh but we have minds to change the rules
Puppet masters in house of gold
Plan your future for their own gain
Yeah but I'm not gonna play that way
Save your moves for another man - not me

Winner, loser
There's no winners in this game of greed
Winner, loser
Lust for power is a demon seed
Winner, loser
The more they win, the more you lose

Reach down inside of yourselves
You'll see there's a better man deep inside
Waiting to be set free
Let it out, yeah let it fly
There's no limit to the mind
Take hold of this wave of magic
There's hope for a brighter day
Don't let anyone stand in your way

Look in his eyes, you'll see a stranger there
One shake from his hand will lead you to despair
The taker, lifebreader is his middle name
So don't play his game !

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