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One And All - text


With the rising of the sun, a new day has begun
A new way for man to live
Hand in hand we walk the mile, day by day knowing all the while
Time will come and with it peace
With just one voice we can make a change
Bond together and rearrange
As one and one and all

Let's pull the curtain down and break the walls between us
Tonight excitement rages on
Nothing can stop this wave, riding on to glory
Nations will sing a different song

We are one with the purpose
Our goals are all the same
To be one and all
Bind our hearts together
We'll find a better way
We are on and all

We are a picture of glory, our colors bright and true
On an artist's palette called this world
And as a brush stroke blends us all together
Another masterpiece unfolds

Light up your lights and hold them high
Each one a flame for freedom's sake
Burning on as far as the eye can see
With just one voice, we can make a change
We'll bond together and rearrange
As one and one and all

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