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The Ghost Of The Mountain - text


The foot crunched snow
And there's a lifetime in the space between your steps
You weren't to know
I was ending as you stole out in the white
Your final kiss
Is a ghost upon my lips upon my eyes
A pale blue sky
Hangs like a sad remainder of the sum of us
If I'm ready for the next world then
I'm ready for the deepest earth
If there's a magic in the after
it'll never beat the sight of you

It'll never beat the sight of you

I'm not a man
I'm just a shadow just a fragment just a ghost
The best of me
It was never quite the best that you deserved
You are the start
But you're the sweetest bitter end
I could of hoped for
Don't look for me
Just keep your blue eyes on the road away from here

Text přidal Moonblade

The Ghost Of The Mountain

Tired Pony texty

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