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He Believed - text


e'd say can't never could do nothin'
And weights what broke the wagon
There ain't no fence between right or wrong
Sometimes you gotta fight if you wanna get along
You better stand up when that flag gets raised
Or down on your knees when it's time to pray
But the greatest thing about him to me
Was the fact that he believed

He believed in the good Lord above
A straight shootin rifle and the power of love
He believed in why the blood was shed
And if he couldn't be free he'd rather be dead
And to never give up on your dreams
But most of all yeah most of all he believed in me

Well he had his own opinion
About the world and its condition
Spare the rod spoil the child
You'll reap what you sow if you let it grow wild
You just gotta deal with the hand you're dealt
Never give up and you'll never really fail
But the greatest thing about dad to me
Was the fact that he believed

Repeat Chorus

Oh and just because of him I know who I am today
And just because of that I know where he's gone to stay

Repeat Chorus

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