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It took long for me to realize that
I've been wrong I've been way out
So much time spent in the wrong way
Looking back I can't believe I've been so blind
Time went by and finally I woke up
Thanks to someone who told me to stop
Wait a minute now take a look at yourself
Can't you see that this ain't really you
Was he saying that my opinions weren't mine
So who had I been all this time
A reflection of my surroundings and not me
I thought that it was me but I were too blind to see
Searched myself to find the real me
Now what others had made me to be
But I can't only go and put the blame on someone else
When my attitude always been who cares
So much time spent in the wrong way
That wrong way made me what I am today
I never dealt or cared a bit about it
It bored the hell out of me I just didn't care
So much thoughts got me confused
Up until now I've been so blind
But now things are starting to get clearer
I'm beginning to sort out what's really my way

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