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Have you seen the look in people's eyes
Ever thought about what the future will bring
Do you really think that we will make it through?
Crime rate's rising getting worse every year
Unemployment a generation growing up in fear
Of what the future will bring for them a feeling of security
Take one good look at our precious world
And the shape that it's in
We've still got a chance to make things all work out
We haven't reached the end
Keeping the dream alive
We're so many so few do their part
Not to mention the ones with the power at hand
Wasting resources on what they call keeping the peace
Nature's dying mankind leaves a trace
What gives us the right acting like the only race
There are so much left to be done can't go on denying it
When will we ever understand
Or will we let it all slip away
When will we ever understand
We must all do our part and thereby
Keeping the dream alive

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