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Moving along doing my thing always new things coming up ahead
Never restless always something coming up worth giving a try
Living a life with such intensity always going no time to spare
That's how things used to be now they've changed but not for the better
Look ahead for a better day
I just can't forget my yesterday
Fresh fresh fresh that's what it was
No things only tend to bore me
This can't be fuckin' it
Life before so much simpler not all these questions needed no answers
Had no worries moved along leave one thing then go at another
Took the days as they came no time for rest keep it up
A vision of things about to achieve always something up ahead
You go on until then one day you
Take a look at the way you're getting through
This little thing we're all in that's called life
You find out that you have missed out
What others claim that life is all about
All I can say is that this can't be fuckin' it

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