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I keep your picture by my side when I lie awake at night
Only memories remain of your now
The smell of roses cause me pain but I keep them anyway
To remind me of the time we had we shared
If I could fly away I would fly on wings of gold
Never to return live long live well we'll see each other on the other side
If I could see you again I would give just anything
But would it be enough?
Someone is crying when someone's dying all alone
And you know that it's a crime to fail
Someone is dying and leave me crying in the dark
When night have come to stay
I dream of fields of endless green where you're running with the wind
So far away from misery
I take a step forwards the light and I try to touch your face
In my dream you slip away and I awake
[Repeat chorus]
Wake up in a sweat I don't know where I am
I'm blinded by the absence of light
There's someone in my room moving in the dark
Seems strange but I know that its you
You call me without sound touch me without form
You tell me every thing is alright now
The seconds turns to minutes the minute's turns to hours
I'm bathing in the warmth of your love
Hoped that you would stay forever and a day
But the afterlife await your return
Dragging you from me I wonder is it real
A final chance to say goodbye
[Repeat chorus]

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