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I used to be an avenging angel
To you to me to everyone I was Lucifer
Was the name that was given to me by God
But then one day I was betrayed by my master
Oh yeah it's true he set my wings aflame
And now I am condemned to live forever in hell
Still I don't know what I did wrong, and fell from grace
A fallen angel stands in flames for all mankind
My wings they burned and turned to dust they are no more
A sacred circle sealed my fate to rule in hell
And now I am an incarnation of evil but why?
I did not do no wrong did I
And all the plans that I had made for myself have gone to hell
I see no light inside these walls entombing me
There is no chance for me to run away
Into the dark I go to find my destiny
I am the ruler of the night
I am trapped in a grave
I am the bringer of all that is pain
Hear me demons down here I am your lord and you will obey me
This is our last call
We are the outcasts and we will stand tall
Fire fire and flame these are the tools that will chisel our fate
[Repeat chorus]
In the darkness something lure him evil sinks its teeth into him
Madness grows inside his soul and make him do things he don't like

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