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You've been trying
From the very start
To set a strain to my power
You've been trying
With your god & your saints
To stop my control of your nature
You've been trying & tried so hard
But never got to succeed
Building shrines,temples,cathedrals
Can only slow down my victory

And it's time that you ask yourself
"What are you fighting for"
Can't you see that's what you condemn
Is the evil within yourself

I, I am the king
I own your soul since ever
Fighting me
Is fighting your own human nature
I, I am your lord
You can't escape from my stare
I, I can see, I see it clear
I see myself in you

Once you promised
You wouldn't fall from grace again
It reminded me I did the same with Him
But then it happens
That you can't get holld of your strength
And your heart gets sinking in black mud again

It's not me that you were searching
In the ashes of burning witches
It's not me that you're rejecting
With holy water & other superstitions

Text přidal DevilDan

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