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Cold Flames of Faith - text


Fear and doubts disappear when the dawn
Comes to sweep my sins away
And my soul is born again
Then the light of the day
Blows away my nightly vision
When I thought that light up in the sky was God
Now I know it was illusion

“Don’t expect to see me up there
You won’t find me in the sky
Don’t expect to see me up here
You will find me in your heart”

I’m alone again
You give us so much joy and take it back
To fill our heart with pain!

“You only get what you deserve
Remember promises you never kept”

You said you’d stand by me
Though you left me in trouble
Despite I call out your name

“Why do you call my name when you need?
Is my word only a shelter for the night?
Do you really think I must be there for you?
I can lead you across fire and the rain
All you ought to do is believe in me”

“Lighting candles in the church
Making faith an institution
While behind it all I see
Is an endless chase for wealth
A sheer display of misery
This misinterpretation of the word
Leaves no doubts
Men believe what they want to believe
Can you hear me?
Hear me, hear me
Voice from your heart
To believe in me first believe in yourself”

Into the warmth of the light
Caring voices all around

They can lock me in a prison cell
They can threat me of torture and death
They can belive I’m mad
Look me up, look me down, but I stand

Cause I know that it moves
The Inquisition won’t bend me
I surely won’t deny my ideas, my belief I won’t sacrifice

I can lead you across fire and rain
All you ought to do is believe in me

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Video přidal DevilDan

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