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I cannot
See by these lights (are blinding)
One last sight to know that now I am lost and
Torn between our hands, a chance to regret
What you got?
A mask slipped to sand
I won't go...(away)

From this world
From this dawn

Are you trying to stop me now
Oh my darling!
I don't think so, I don't think so
Oh my darling!

Raise hands high to take me away
(To take me away)
In this dawn I'll find my way

I always tried (I died to)
Let you know that I would like to stay here
Torn between our hands a chance to regret
But from now I will say tomorrow without fear

Teach me to fly, to leave those things behind
In my dreams of glass there's something new reborn
From the silence of the soul I've found myself ignored
And now the time has come...just help me!

Raise hands high to take me away
In this dawn I'll find my way

Just help me (just help me)
Just help me (just try to help me out)

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Apeiron (EP)

Till The Last Breath texty

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