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You climb down mountains place the flag in base camp
The town’s dignitaries are all alcoholic tramps
The poor live in penthouses the rich live in the slums
Poor children grade A students rich delinquent bums
Cat burglars leave money and jewelry in your home
Ring for an appointment when they visit your home
Whores give you money when with them you have sex
The rapists ask permission and which positions best
The National Galleries are now all filled with fakes
Original old masters can be bought at garden fetes
The best writers and artists always win the prize
The doctors battle hard to stop you from being alive
At your birth everybody breaks down and cries
At your funeral they cheer that you have died
The sky is blue and sunny you feel down
When it’s grim and gray you’re happy as a clown
The worlds upside down

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Here I am Human

Tiger Lillies, The texty

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