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You wonder, how we're able,
with bread upon our table,
to be wise.
Well, crime is for the starving,
so let us all get carving,
we're wise.
Lock the thieves and beggars up,
for them, well, we don't give a fuck -
we're wise.
Well, crime is for the poor,
and if you aren't poor any more
you're wise.
We're middle class and wealthy,
our bank accounts are healthy,
we are wise.
All the milk of human kindness,
well, we've put all that behind us,
we are wise.
Well, those beggars, whores, and thieves,
none of them fool me
we're wise.
Well, we all make a living,
the strong, we don't like giving,
we're wise.
We're... wise.

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