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What have you done with our baby? - text


What have you done with our baby what have you done with our child?
Have you put in a mincer and out of her made a pie
Put her in the waste disposal unit giggled as she cried
Thrown her out the window heard the sickening thud
Cut her throat drained her veins and drunk her blood
Drop her on the motorway juggernaughts her smash
Leave her in a dark alley a psychopath her slashed
Did you bury her alive in a shallow grave she lies
What have you done with baby has our baby died
Did you throw her out to sea feed her to the dogs
Throw her on the fire to be consumed by burning logs
Did you sell her for adoption take the ready cash
Beat the life out of her in a temper you her thrashed
Torture her abuse her your mind foul and depraved
Or sell her to a brothel where now she is a slave
Throttle her with your bare hands when she woke you with her cries
What have you done with baby has our baby died

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