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Skinheads in the doorway
Get their heads kicked in
Full of drugs and racism
Now it’s getting grim
A clip joint bouncer
Beats them to a pulp
And leaves them in the gutter
On their blood to gulp
That’s the news
Soho’s news
Well Jimmy my slum landlord
Comes round for the rent
Well Jackie who he pimps for
Her money he has spent
Well there’s junkies in the toilet
And the front door’s been kicked down
Mr rent boy neighbours
Well they go up and down
That’s the news
The news
Well a man from a northern town
He goes steaming in
Someone stole his sixty pounds
So now he does him in
Well a piano bar bouncer
Goes to the person’s defence
Stealing money for his fix
Well that was the offence
That’s the news
That’s the news
That’s the news
The Soho news
Up the road a clipper
Gets stabbed through the heart
She tried to rip off a psychopath
And now pays for her art
I saw her standing in the rain
On a Sunday afternoon
I looked into her eyes
And I knew that she was doomed
That’s the news
The news
The Soho news

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