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he puffs and he blows
and he wears funny cloths,
He wears beads round his neck,
his shirts a green check
alcoholically, flair's
growls like a bear.
pulls on his jams
on a doll with no arms
social reject so what do you expect
As he goes down the main road
He tells him to piss off
He'll growl and he'll curse
though you'll offer your purse
He isn't well meant
He doesn't make sense
in the bar room says you are bent
He's a social reject
so what do you expect
Only pleasure he's got
is to dribble his snot
to snear at your fake veneer
He'll cross the street if you try to speak
as he probably smells
and he's going there
social reject so what do you expect
and your guilt is his neglect

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