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What is the point of this life that we lead?
The filth and the fury the neurotic need
Where are we going where does it lead?
The strife and the striving as life from us bleeds
Sin, sin
What is its point, its purpose, its goal?
Where is it going, each one plays his role?
Striving with ego to triumph to win
For wealth and for power commit any sin
Sin, sin
The stinking corpse rank with decay
A king or a duke forgotten today
Sin, sin
So thrust with your ego you will not be saved
We all end as paupers alone in our graves
Worry, hurry and fight for your rights
You'll never get there then bang, out go the lights
Sin, sin
Each action each striving a pointless game
And after it's over forgotten your name
Yeah, yeah, yeah
|: Sin Sin

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Tiger Lillies, The texty

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