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This storm is endless it goes on and on
It rips you open unless you’re strong
It carries you up into the stars
This storm is violent this storm is hard
Save our souls
With anger and menace we know it strikes
God’s malevolence will strike us tonight
And in this chaos we stand and frown
We know this worlds gone upside down
In the church on the altar stands the Southern Cross
Jesus and the angels now in hell are lost
God is now clean-shaven and sprouted little horns
They’re all happy up in hell in heaven they’re forlorn
God Satan tries to him tempt
The landlord comes around my house to pay me the rent
The Vatican’s a brothel it’s chief pimp’s the pope
Satan feeds the starving and fills their souls with hope

Text přidal zanzara

Here I am Human

Tiger Lillies, The texty

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