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Satan does you bless - text


You wake up the alarm clock
the fan you do fan
Wear high heels and stillettoes
a hairy macho man
Buddha’s are all-uptight
they’re all nervous wrecks
Satan Does You Bless
The angels are all junkies
weapon dealers on the game
The lions in the zoo
their keepers try to tame
You need drugs and weapons
to get through customs check
Satan Does You Bless
You drive your car blindfolded
and always in reverse
You see someone who drives well
at them you do curse
Fall asleep in the morning
wake up and get undressed
Satan Does You Bless
When you meet the Queen
you must always fart
If you make great music
the critics call it art
You wake up your bed is neat
get up and it you mess
Satan Does You Bless
Charities take money
from the very poor
The crowds all boo the player
who a goal has scored
The more nervous the moment
The less it makes you stressed
Satan Does You Bless
If someone is disfigured
at them you must stare
In polite society
now everybody swears [fucking cunt]
The more you clean your teeth
more poisonous your breath
Satan Does You Bless
If you leave your flat too early
you will arrive late
If you’re careful with the crockery
all of it will break
Satan Does You Bless

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