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I'm sailor I'm full of fun
I'm bulging now and full of cum
I need a whore I need her now
she could be innocent or a cow
I need her now take me to a room
her eyes are empty and full of doom
The room is small a rotten smell
the carpets threadbare am I in hell
She takes my money I feel greed
the needle marks I know her needs
She licks my cock it's kind of sad
as an actress I spose she's bad
She's done it all ten times before
and that's only today I'm sure
She fakes excitement she tries a moan
I stick it in and start to groan
Now in a rubber my spunk I shunt
she wants me quickly to dump
Now she's searching for a tip
I'm feeling empty I'm feeling shit
I wouldn't mind a face to punch
I'll have a kebab for my lunch
But I'm a sailor how I'll lie
about the whores I made them cry
Ehhhh ehhhhh!

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Either Or

Tiger Lillies, The texty

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