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A professional procurer of young girls in black
I sell them lots of drugs then sell them on their backs
Oh how they fall in love with me when they know them I do hate
It makes them so excited when I leer at them they shake
And the nice guys how they bore them when danger I do sell
I give their pure white arms a fix tell them they’re going to Hell
They know they’ll sink down lower, end as trash on the street
Like a snake I paralyse them they cannot move or speak
So I move through my career ruining young lives
All my little victims no chance to survive
There’s really not a thing those young girls can do
It almost seems preordained this pimp them’s going to screw
To evil, depravity, vice, I am just a black hole
How my young victims give their bodies and their souls
So I will drag them down that is my victory
I am a foul cancer who judges society

Text přidal zanzara

Cockatoo Prison

Tiger Lillies, The texty

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