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All science is a fact on logic and data we will act
Holy men are all cracked the truth alone we do back
No I say only faith you’re science will you’re soul break
Cannot hope to know the truth pig flew out of my tooth
A pig had wings it flew about carnival laughs and shout
Scientists filled with doubt hallucination they shout
Pig flew up flashed a smile thought we’ll wake up in awhile
But they all knew it was no dream and now they wonder what’s it means
‘Every thing is possible’ the pig she did say
She flapped her wings and then flew away
Life is simply like a dream nothing here is as it seems
The carnival they’re breaking free of this bullshit you and me
God is here god he laughs then disappears up your arse
All your science all facts just wait in line to be smashed

Text přidal zanzara

Here I am Human

Tiger Lillies, The texty

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