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In the mortuary I had sex with a boy
The most beautiful boy I saw
The angel of death looked over us
His blessings on us swore
That boy was the one I loved
The one that I adored
That boy died in my arms
And so just once more
I made love to my dead boy
The one that I adored
Upon a marble slab
On the mortuary’s cold floor
The angel of death played a harp
A heavenly chorus sang
And as I made love to my dead boy
The tears my eyes stang
I made love to a dead boy
They said evil was I
They said the urge unnatural
Yet all the time cried
I made love to a dead boy
It was just a wave goodbye
The angel of death himself looked on
And a tear himself did cry
I made love to a dead boy
My way to say goodbye
To the only true love that I’ll know
Until the day I die
And then we’ll be united
In the cosmic void
Goodbye, my love, goodbye
I love you my dead boy

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