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Molester of minors - text


I’m 49, buying youth, punished now in Hell
Selling youth on the street a victim of this whore
Hypocrisy means I’m punished by this ass, the law
He’s 15, looking 18, I love his young flesh
But I must be censured, now illegal my caress
Corrupted and voracious are his desires
For money and for sex a cheat, a thief, a liar
Denim-clad buttocks, bleached blond hair,
Seductive and tempting, provocative his stare
All the men he has seduced without thought or care
Just one more on the list, out of this prison stare
So my life is ruined by such pleasures cheap
An empty pleasure now, in this cell I weep
Seduced by empty pleasure now I serve my time
The law it is an ass, the law it is a swine

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