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Are you going mad Hamlet?
You torture every fibre of your soul for what?
A blow-job a hand-job a bead of snot
This world is filled with things corrupt
You know it's poisoned in its guts
Weak is the flesh weak is the soul
You must succumb and play a role
Nothing is pure nothing is clean
This world it is dirty and obscene
You cannot escape from the blame
Each one of us a whore is the name
Are you going mad Hamlet?
A whore wants to kill
Insanity is eating you do our guts want to spill
We live this way because there is no other way to live
For we are weak and greedy beings us you must forgive
Are you too mad Hamlet to see each of us is flawed
Each lives in a brothel each one is a whore
But Hamlet will not them forgive
Human frailty live let live
His love for father does consume
All hope for peace it is doomed
For Hamlet the disease of hate
No hope for peace just heartbreak
From all around he feels betrayed
His heart and soul are cut and flayed
Are you going mad Hamlet?

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Tiger Lillies, The texty

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