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Learned Pig
At the turn of the last century an unusual pig was reared.
While others wallowed in the mud on vans’ letters he peered,
While others wallowed he taught himself to read
From an abandoned library edition the works of Regera Dowdy.
To escape the usual fate of pigs he fled to London town,
He lived off garbage here and there and read every poster found.
One day he answered the rhetorical question of a passing boy,
Now in the fairground his skills they are employed.
He was put to sit on a bucket in front of a banner
To answer stupid questions in a profound manner.
Soon he’d heard each question, each question before,
So now in the fairground he’s starting to get bored.
One day in mid-answer passed a troupe of festive pigs,
He got down, got run over and now no longer lives.
He’s up there in pig heaven, up there in the sky,
He reads to all the other pigs, the other pigs who have died.

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