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As he trudged along to school
It was always Johnny’s rule
To be looking at the sky
And the clouds that floated by
Just before him there did lay
In his in his in his way
Johnny never thought about
So that everyone cried out
Well look at Johnny Johnny there
Little Johnny Johnny Head-In-Air
Running in Johnny’s way
Came a little dog one day
Johnny’s eyes were still astray
In the sky every day
And he never heard them cry
Johnny mind the dog is nigh
Down they fell with such a thump
Johnny and dog in a lump
Once with head as high as ever
Johnny walked beside the river
Johnny watched the swallows trying
Which was the cleverest at flying
Oh what fun oh what fun
Johnny watched the bright round sun
Going in and coming out
That was all he thought about
So he strode on only think
To the river’s river’s very brink
Where the bank was high and steep
And the water water very deep
And the fishes in a row
Stared to see him coming coming so
One more step oh sad to tell
Headlong in Johnny fell
Here are the fishes in dismay
Wagged their tails and ran away
Here lay Johnny on his face
With his little red writing case
And the fishes one two three
Came back again you see
Up they came a moment after
To see Johnny in the here and after
Each popped up his little head
To tease poor Johnny who was dead
Yeah each popped up his little head
To tease poor Johnny who was dead

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