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Histoire de Kay
One fateful day Kay’s mother pushed her into a building lobby,
They took turns pinching and twisting her little body.
First she was made to stand in positions more and more bizarre,
Then she was forced to repeat them at a thing they called a barre.
She was made to wear a bizarre garment, a tutu it was called,
She was put on a diet, her wrists they did appal.
She was made to join a sinister group, the corps de ballet,
She danced her first role as one of the friends of La Fille mal Gardee.
The critics said of her performance, ‘Better you don’t do’,
Someone in a fit of spite put ground glass in her toeshoes.
She collected the elastics from her ballet things,
Stitched them together and hanged herself in the wings

Text přidal zanzara

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