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I don't see what I see
this whole world life's a dream
Good and bad happy and sad
and I know that I am mad
All alone left to moan
like a dog without a bone
Alienation eating me
till with god I am free
Petty morals of the state
so quite soon I shall break
Bourgeois morals keep me down
melancholy I will drown
God almighty you are king
pissing hailstones on me fling
Fucked marooned on a beach
for your mercy I do seek
But you know my mind is fucked
all logic is from me sucked
Like a bum beat in the ring
praise to you still I sing
But I know each breath
if in truth is in excess
All I wrote was just a code
insanity I upload
Father father beat me up
whores all fuck me with their lust
None of it makes any sense
intellectually we are dense

Text přidal zanzara

Either Or

Tiger Lillies, The texty

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