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It's dirty down in the gutter
With the perverts and the nutters
And you just do everything
Lower and lower it you brings
The lowest things normal are
You're giving blow jobs in their cars
You take it all you smile and laugh
As they stick it up your arse
And sometimes you're having fun
The drugs and sex make you come
It's nice to sink so low
The perversion grows and grows
But then the hang over it strikes
Your fucked and tired an empty life
But with the drugs back in your veins
You start it all up again
Your pimp he smiles and he knows
And down and down you do go
When your down there's no way out
Though sometimes you do scream and shout
Open wide and come again
Now the devil is your friend
Your pimp he knocks you about
You love it as you scream and shout
Down and out you're down and out

Text přidal zanzara

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Either Or

Tiger Lillies, The texty

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