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God up in Heaven - text


It's sin that is winning
conmen and stuff
Let's use and abuse
till we've had enough
Fuck God up in heaven
he isn't all there
he's just an impostor
behind beard and hair
Jesus is someone
who just makes me cross
He died for our sins
I don't give a toss
I'll go out whoring
I just don't care
For God up in heaven
he isn't all there
While Kierkegaard asks
these questions of you
I'll be on my 14th
night on the screw
I'm up to my armpits
pussy galore
Taking another
fresh young whore
Do you think I care, care a bit
your'e just a bunch of stupid gits
The morning I wake up hangover stings
And into the canal I could myself fling
But when I see all those pious gits
I'd like to kill them or at least them to hit
So I'll write some more shit
at least I might pass some to time for a bit..

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