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When the rain comes tumbling down
In the country and the town
All the good little girls and boys
Stay indoors and mind their toys
Robert says no when it pours
It’s better out out of doors
Well rain it did and in a minute
Rob Rob was in it
Flying Robert
Flying Robert
Well see the wind how it whistles
Through the flowers and the thistles
See the silly fella
Underneath his green umbrella
Well it has caught caught that umbrella
So up he goes the silly fella
Up he goes into the skies
No one hears his screams and cries
Flying Robert
Flying Robert
See how the rude wind bore him
And it blew his hat before him
Well he’s reached such a height
He is nearly out of sight
Where he where he fell
No one yet can tell
But one thing one thing is plain
He was never seen again
Flying Robert
Flying Robert …

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