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Hypocrites all around you, knocking everyone
Contradictions everywhere, you should of stayed dumb
Marvel at the stupid so strong is their voice
Either or either or dazzling the choice
Half the time you're bleeding, half the time you laugh
Half the time it's all in front, half the time it's past
Existential contradiction, the flag is at half mast
It's time for your execution, the populous all laugh
So you are a victim, or are you not
Or perhaps you're neither, hear the raindrops
Did boredom drive you onwards, anxiety to come
Will you end in despair, either or does come
Exploiting and corrupting, what now does that mean?
Wake up from this brothel, it is a bad dream
Is god or the devil, the ultimate choice?
I can hear you singing, with an angels voice
Anxiety is creeping, god's forgotten them
Until they know when
Anxious they are waiting, evil in their voice
either or either or, they don't have a choice

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Either Or

Tiger Lillies, The texty

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