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Drifting in a calm sea
water running over me
Ten weeks I’m becalmed
the serpent evil charm
I’m waiting for the wind to blow
for King Neptune mercy to show
Drifting in this calm
on the serpent evil charm
I’m waiting I wonder why
the seagulls above me cry
So in solitude
solitude we will drift
Till Neptune does this curse lift
My mouth is dry
my mouth is parched
Will this day be my last
King Neptune save our souls
or are we food for fishes shoals
We’re drifting
please give us a sign
I’m praying to the divine
In water soon we will sink
water without a drop to drink
The sun just keeps beating down
soon I know I shall drown
Oh Neptune please hear my plea
save our souls master please
On the day that I do die
the wind blows strong the seagulls cry

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