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A band plays in the market square
People laugh and they don’t care
A wife-beater meets his wife
He’ll beat her all her life
A cut-throat with a switchblade knife
Meets and kills Johnny’s wife
A junky searches for a vein
A drunk vomits down the drain
The wife-beater beats his wife into shape
The paedophile a child does rape
Pickpockets pick
A whore a rancid cock does lick
Street singers they curse and swear
A street walker takes a fare
Tortures find victims new
They beat them black green and blue
They pull out fingernails
Their vital organs they impale
They burn and singe naked flesh
Their testicles a bloody mess
A red hot poker up your arse
Hear Satan and his angels laugh
We’re all going down to Hell
Each one of you as well

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