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So you betray the one who you need
The one on whom you feed
What is the profit of this?
Malice, stupidity or cowardice
Is it ego is it pride
Overpowering you from the inside
Anger, jealousy or greed
The burning vice on which you feed
Or is it really just a plan
To save your soul from the damned
Do you have mercy do you feel fine
As you drown your soul
In drugs or wine
And as you enter your decline
Will memories cloud your mind
Will you be clouded with regret
Will you believe your course was set
And as you take your dying breath
Laugh or with grief be beset
As you enter the ground
And your mourners crowd around
What memories of you they'll hold
What stories of you will be told
How long were you filled with happiness
What fears and terrors did you vex?
The sum of all these parts
You die with full or broken heart
When they remember you they laugh
Regret remorse of what has passed
So you betray the one you need

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Tiger Lillies, The texty

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