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Well just out of prison streets seem so cold and blue
Don’t know what to do
Family don’t want me and I’m feeling blue
Well walk into a bank and put a gun to the cashier’s head
The cashier presses an alarm now the cashier is dead
I fill her full of lead
Well have-a-go hero thinks he knows what to do
He tries to rush me now he’s dead too
Well I ain’t got any money I feel blue
A policeman walks in and he’s got a gun
I beat him to the trigger his life is gone
I make for the exit but in comes another one
Bang bang bang go our guns
I hit in the head his blood starts to run
I make for the midday sun
Police are waiting for me my life flashes by
I know I’m gonna die
If you got a conscience for me you can cry
Bank robber blue
Bank robber blue
Bank robber blue
Bank robber blue
Bank robber blue
If you got a conscience
Bank robber blue

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