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I murder little children, I ain’t no low-down nonce
I’m better than the thief, extortionist or ponce
When I see a small child them I have to kill
If I don’t get to murder them it makes me feel ill
I love to see a baby alone in his cot
When mummy isn’t looking their little throat I cut
Love to see the little ones draw their last breath
I feel my life it is fulfilled each time I cause a death
Such suffering and strife that little one I’ve saved
From a stupid sinful life, corrupted and depraved
To murder little children, to me it makes such sense
When my court case came I needed no defence
I saved the little ones suffering and strife
Let’s face it, a piece of shit only is this life
And then there is one less mouth in this world to feed
And one less baby who’ll grow up and most likely breed
Instead of being prosecuted a hero I should be
A super hero saving the world if only they could see
So here I stand with a chance to have my voice heard
When I pleaded my defence they said it was absurd
But I love to kill the little ones, hang them from a Christmas tree
Or put a nick in their wrists and watch them slowly bleed
Put a pillow on their face and then to gently press
I love it when they fight for air and take their last breath
When mummy isn’t looking, throw them on a subway track
Then giggle as the subway train into them does smash
Or from a high building or a bridge one I do throw
I love the little thud I hear as they hit the floor below
I’m vicious, cruel and nasty, I have to answer yes
But please once again let me please impress
Though I might enjoy my work I have morality
The overcrowding of this world I want to ease
So to kill a little baby for me it is the best
Each time I kill a baby it’s better for the rest

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