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I need to burn it down, my duty to destruct
When I burn a building down then in God I trust
I need to see the flames of Hell dancing in the sky
Then my purpose is fulfilled happily I’ll die
To bring the flames of Hell to earth is my only desire
To have my fellow man burning in Hell-fire
So I bless my master and I bless my fate
That the power of his Hell-fire I can here create
A granny and her pussycat their cottage I will light
And as they burn in agony their smell will me delight
Every time the flames their beauty does impress
And how I love the screams, the smell of burning flesh
Each time that I do it Satan does me bless
And it sends such shivers through me I get goose flesh
If I burn a kennels, those dogs they bark for help
How desperate are those dogs as they bark and yelp
Or I’ll burn a cattery, those pussycats do scream
For me their smell of burning fur it is just a dream
Burning an old people’s home usually does work
So many are bed-ridden their rooms they can’t desert
Rid them of their misery, rid them of their grief
Those old people smell their burning meat
I always try to pick on the mild and the meek
The defenceless I do pick on because they are so weak
But of all the delights the smells of burning flesh
The smells of burning babies is the smell that I like best
All those little babies in their cots asleep
As my flames do lick them how shrilly they do shriek
Their little charred bodies in Hell their souls will rest
Where my master Satan each of their souls shall bless

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