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Cold and broke all three were starving
But says me still full of fun
Let the now unlovely Lulu
Walk the street of Albion

On the first and last occasion
Lulu agreed to play the whore
Her first John said let’s get filthy
Lu said, Chez Moi, je fais l’amour

Her first John was Mr Hopkins
A fine upstanding Christian man
He spent so much time saving souls
Lulu’s relief’s at hand

Her second John claimed he was a prince
But no money was at hand
And when she tried to kick him out
Her husband he did slam

Her third John was a lecturer
Of noble philosophy
Had never been in a woman
Imparted in her his seed

Fourth John dare we say it
Fourth John O world take note
Fourth John how shall we play it
Fourth John made a joke
Ha ha ha ha ha( laugh)

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