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A is for Arsenic someone thought fun
To include in the icing on top of a bun.
B is for bats that swoop out of the air
And squeaking inaudibly catch in one’s hair.
C is for cord of a moderate length,
To hang oneself from it requires no great strength.
K is for Kris with a blade that is wavy,
One wonders why somebody smeared it with gravy.
L’s for a letter that lay in a trunk,
Its contents explain how the dinghy was sunk.
M is for madhouse where is confined
A lady whose friends say she’s out of her mind.
Q is for quilt wrapped around a dead torso,
A sick-making sight could hardly be more so.
R is for Ray’s wicked invention,
Dissolves at a distance the parts you don’t mention.
S is for suicide so it would seem,
But then who was it uttered that unfinished scream.
T,U,V,W, X.
Y is for yonder where something is lying,
Which proves, seen close, to be somebody dying.
Z is for zero, the hour of doom,
It will strike any minute but no-one knows whom.

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