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Winds of Hope [Suyanawayra] - text


Where have you been? Look at your face
You seem so sad
Tell me good child, what have they alone?
A tear has been shed

Walking alone
Through the torturous road of god Supay
Where the decisions fill your mind a lonely way

Why don't you smile? Your eyes have changed
Now they are lost and red (Pain is all I feel)

Raised up from the darkness
Give me your hand
You were wandering through the night

Intiwaman! Watchful spirits! Bring us winds of hope
Cold nights of thunder! Shades of fear! Go away!

Will you give up on your dreams?
Or say: "I'll dream again" (misk iwayra)
And after all you will find your own way
A morning breeze (the winds of hope)

I'll be there when you call
A waman in the sky
No matter how much
Lost you are (dear son)
So full of life
Like leaves in spring
Taking good care (auras and light)
Circles of faith, chains of light!
Quiet nights
A morning breeze
The winds of hope

He's calling me now
I heard my name
He is asking about his beliefs and hopes
(It's the wind of hope)
He's waiting for me
He's waiting to go
He's drifting away
With the winds of hope
(Winds of hope)

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