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Sands of time draw me again to reach for my past
Chanting my anthems of liberty
Once more, my time here is short
But my soul craves for more
Could I change? Am I bound to be the same?

If you choose to believe a fire inside, makes it easier to live
Then with wide open wings you may touch the sky
And seize your liberty! Praised Anga!
The sound of your song a journey's begun
Gusts of wind, running down your skin

Oh Kuntur! Redemption of men releases my fate
High above, where I will never reach

Mysterious sounds will appear suggesting a graceful dance
Nations and kingdoms will join uniting the human race

Dream, awake freed from your own chains
Make a wish: pleasant dreams at night

Don't lose your faith, never let it go
Flying away like a dove far from home
Don't waste your life, a glimpse of fate
Blown away like grains of sand

I gaze at the starry night! I shall walk into the light!
I know I've been here before
And someday, I might walk here once more

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